Eschatology 04 - The 2nd Coming According to Daniel - Audio

In the message, we first look primarily at the dreams given in Daniel Chapters 2 and 7. Both dreams match each other – they both have four parts. In the first dream, given to Nebuchadnezzar, we see a stone that hits the feet and topples the great statue and then crushes all of its parts – the iron, clay, bronze, silver, and gold. The stone (Jesus) becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth (the Kingdom of God). In Daniel’s dream, we see the four beasts that arise out of the Great Sea. Daniel also sees the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man in his supernatural night vision. This prophecy in Daniel 7:13-14 is perhaps the most famous prophecy of the 2nd Coming of Jesus in the Old Testament. The video of this message is available here. Teacher: Pastor Charlie Avila.