Seeking the Lord Series

In these series of messages, Pastor Charlie lays a firm foundation about seeking the Lord from the New Testament, Psalms, 2 Chronicles, and the Prophets. It includes audio and video files.

Seek the Lord 04 - Seek My Face - Audio
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This is the MP3 audio teaching from Psalm 27 on seeking God's face. What does that mean? What did David say about it in the Psalms. The video portion of this teaching is also available here. Teacher: Pastor Charlie Avila.
Seeking the Lord 01 - Diligently Seek Him - Video
We look at the powerful life of Enoch who walked with God for 300 years! God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. When we seek God, He delivers us from all our fears, withholds no good thing, and adds to us everything we need. We need to seek first the kingdom of God. Teacher:...
Seeking the Lord 02 - The Prophets - Video
Pastor Charlie looks at the prophetic book of Hosea, Isaiah, and Jeremiah to get insights and understanding on seeking the Lord. It is time to seek the Lord. The audio portion of this file is available here. Teacher: Pastor Charlie.
Seeking the Lord 03 - 3 Godly Kings - Video
2 Chronicles says more about seeking the Lord than any other book of the Bible. Pastor Charlie examines the lives of 3 kings - Asa, Jehoshaphat, and Uzziah. As long as these kings sought the Lord, God made them prosper. However, all three stopped seeking God and they crashed and burned. ...
Seeking the Lord 04 - Seek My Face - Video
In this teaching, Pastor Charlie continues his teaching on "Seeking the Lord" with a special look at the Psalms. He covers Psalm 27, especially verses 4 and 8. What exactly does it mean to "seek My face." The audio portion of this file is located here. For more teachings,...